The Advisory Board includes the following committees:

The Advisory Board

Large deliberative bodies function best with an active committee structure. All committees will offer recommendations to the full board for its action. The Advisory Board includes the following committees:

Executive Committee

  • Oversight of Advisory Board Executive Director & Staff, office budget review. Statutorily required. In certain circumstances, this committee can act for the full board.

Finance Committee

  • Oversight and review of all MBTA operating budget items.

Capital Committee

  • Oversight and review of MBTA capital spending plans with particular focus on the annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and quinquennial Program for Mass Transportation (PMT).

Commuter Rail Committee

  • Oversight of Commuter Rail operations, review of operating contract process, discussions about the future of commuter rail expansion/ transformation and Commuter Rail pilots.

Service Committee

  • Oversight of better bus program, bus network re-design, Green Line transformation, Red & Orange Line transformation, and review of bus rapid transit pilots.

Ferry Committee

  • Oversight of ferry operations, review of ferry contract process, and discussions about the future of ferry service, ferry pilots.

Fare Collection Committee

  • Oversight of AFC 2.0 project including implementation and operation with focus on items of municipal interest.

By-law Committee

  • Review and re-write MBTA Advisory Board By-laws

Ad hoc Committees

  • Short duration committees formed from time-to-time to review specific issues outside the charge of the current committee structure.

Estimated effort is 2-5 one-hour meetings (on-line) with staff and MBTA officials annually, report editing/review/commenting and attendance at Advisory Board meetings. At this time, any member can serve on any committee, including more than one committee. Please contact staff with questions, or to volunteer. Thank you.

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