The MBTA Advisory Board plays a key role in the allocation of federal funds for MBTA capital related projects. The Board is composed of the chief elected official of each of the 176 cities and towns or their designee. 

Pursuant to MGL Chapter 161A, Section 20, the MBTA Advisory Board has the authority to review and comment on the MBTA’s annual budget, that budget, which is approximately $2.248 billion (FY2019), touches every aspect of the MBTA’s operations, capital plan, and long-term plan. As such, any activity of the MTBA that has budgetary implications is within the purview of The MBTA Advisory Board.

The MBTA Advisory Board makes up 14 of  22 votes on the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the allocation of Regional Target Funds. The MPO is required by federal statute to prioritize federal transportation dollars for State and local  government capital projects within the Boston region. This includes federal funds that may  be designated for the MBTA capital program. Therefore, The MBTA Advisory Board has a deciding role in this aspect of the MBTA’s financing plan for capital projects.


Our mission is to provide public oversight of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) on behalf of the 176 community members of the Advisory Board and the transit riding public. The MBTA Advisory Board provides policy guidance to the MBTA with the shared goal to provide effective and efficient transportation services in the metropolitan Boston area.


Keeping the MBTA:
Reliable – Accountable – Transparent

  • Provide a voice for riders, taxpayers and the public
  • Hold the MBTA accountable
  • Encourage a more transparent MBTA 
  • Demand reliable public transportation services
  • Brief Mayors, Select Boards, City/Town Managers and members of the public on MBTA issues
  • Review and comment on MBTA’s operations and capital programs that may have budgetary implications.
  • Monitor the MBTA policies through the lens of economic and environmental justice and social equity