Local leaders discuss Everett’s MBTA and transportation needs.

EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS: Thomas P. Koch, Mayor of the City of Quincy, Massachusetts today visited the City of Everett, Massachusetts’s Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. at Everett City Hall. Mayor Koch is Chairman of the MBTA Advisory Board, and its appointee to the MBTA’s Board of Directors. He chair’s this body’s Committee on Planning, Workforce, Development and Compensation. He is also a gubernatorial appointee to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board of Directors. Mayor Koch is touring the region this spring to meet with local leaders to hear directly about what their communities need and expect from the MBTA.

Mayor DeMaria is a recognized leader on local public transit improvements. In 2016 the City of Everett pioneered the conversion of parking lanes into dedicated bus-only lanes in the greater Boston region. Following Everett’s lead, over 14 miles of dedicated bus priority lanes are now in place or programmed in the region. Mayor DeMaria informed Chair Koch about Everett’s need for additional investments to extend the Silver Line into the city, as well as the criticality of an in-fill rail station on the Rockport/Newburyport Commuter Rail line that runs through Everett, but does not stop there. Mayor DeMaria was joined by the City’s Director of Planning and Development, Matt Lattanzi, Esq. and Jay Monty, Director of Transportation and Mobility. Mayor Koch was joined by the MBTA Advisory Board’s Executive Director, Brian Kane, and Frank Tramontoizzi, P.E. from the City of Quincy.

The MBTA Advisory Board is a government body organized under Massachusetts General Law to oversee the finances, operations, and activities of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. The Advisory Board represents the interests of the 176 cities and towns in the MBTA service district. Its members are locally elected Mayors, and Select Board Chairs or their designees. In FY23 these municipalities will contribute over $180 million in subsidies to the MBTA via municipal assessments.